Ween’s The Mollusk, Music From the Depths of the Ocean

Some artists thrive off of sounding heavy and aggressive, some off of evoking high energy, some from being emotionally appealing, some by creating unique in-depth atmospheres. And then there are artists who thrive off of just being as weird and abnormal as possible. The members of Ween are that last type of artist.

CrazyEightyEight’s Burning Alive Part 1, I Don’t Get It (But That’s Okay)

I may have listened to a decent amount of music for someone my age, or maybe I haven’t, I can’t be too sure. But what I am certain is that I have not seen nearly as many movies as someone my age probably would have, and this album was really telling of that.

Lamb of God’s Ashes of the Wake, Things Are Getting Pretty Heavy

We’ve bounced around between genres a lot here on this blog, and I must say I have no intention of stopping that anytime soon. This week’s album, Lamb of God’s 2004 release Ashes of the Wake ranges from groove and thrash to straight up death metal. And let me preface this review by saying: I’m no metal head.

Sidney Gish’s No Dogs Allowed, Depressing Indie to Contemplate Life To

To me, Indie music has always seemed like Rock but with lower production, a generally chiller vibe, and the freedom for the artist to do whatever they’d like, be it for better or for worse. So where does album fall in that?

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